where do you turn when the usual avenues of release are blocked off, indefinitely.

how do you go about anchoring yourself, whilst trying not to get swept by the current.

why try to achieve this fallacy of control? the vastness that surrounds you is unbound and open.

it begs to be explored.

it yearns the presence of conscious; to be able to spread its inspiration.

your life is but a pebble on the ocean floor.

it will be dictated by the forces of the current, the whims of predatory instinct and the random bit of luck the universe might throw at you.

but you have no control over this.

you are as limited as you are free.

though you started on the bed, there is no limit to the reach of the current, no distance it could not reach.

leaving you in an entirely new surrounding.

to start again.

to open new avenues.

to let yourself grow.

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