So Divine.

Your lips taste of the sweetest nectar,

the most satisfying quench for the thirst

within me,

the thirst for your loving.

For your mind.

For your soul.

So divine.


So heavenly you sound when

you whisper your

sweet words.

So soft to touch, as my

fingers glide over

your skin.

You burn within me.

You’re a taste of the sublime.

So divine.


A walking spiritual enigma,

so profound is your presence,

so sensual your touch.

I can’t seem to get enough,

my eyes forever

yearning for the sweet embrace

of your face.

Illuminating; my life and my soul.

So divine.


As the stars shine in the

night sky,

my love for you will burn eternal.

You awaken the deepest emotions within me,

it surprises me that I could ever

feel so fulfilled.

Your eyes soothe my soul,

your hands relieve my stress,

your love releases my soul.

So divine.


You’re a part of me.

So insignificant the world seems in your company.

So insignificant the world feels without you.

Just as your soul shines,

as does your spirit

fly, sky high,


so divine.

So divine.


H. A.

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